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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Artist who SUPPORT Artist: My Most recent Inspiration Janelle Monae

I have known about Janelle Monae for quite sometime but never gave a chance to get into her. I can Say as I have grown musically my appreciation for music has grown as well. Recently and very randomly out the blue I was searching the web and came across Her new video "Tightrope". Her charisma and the vibe of the song made me want more. So I started digging. I found "The Audition" which I believe is an officially released body of work she has online and I fell in love with her. I attended a concert she had at Joes Pubb and made sure when her debut LP "The ArchAndroid" dropped I was in best buy supporting. Her entire being inspires me so much. It allowed me to see that many times quality music may not be found in the mainstream. Her fans support her because of her artistry and not because she is apart of a big machine shoving her down our mouths. I love her and am excited about the legacy she will leave in this generation.

Check out My Favorite song off this album titled
"Neon Valley Street"

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