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Monday, October 12, 2009

Harmony while working towards success

I recently was having a some terrible thoughts about suicide and giving up on my goals. I got to a point where I noticed that I have become successful with being able to handle hardship and struggle but I am never able to rid myself of it. I was holding on to past issues that I was still waiting for the results, which was not allowing me to move forward. I am never one to give up or think negative and I can say I had a breakdown. I realized that the best thing for me to do was to let go of the past and keep moving forward.

The more you sit around and wait for results the longer it feels it is taking for them to come, and at the same time you are slowing down your present progress because you are still looking behind you and not infront of you.. I beat that challenge I was faced with by just letting go. I asked myself what was it that I needed at this point in my life to be happy and said I will just focus on that.

I also came to a place of thinking that success can be obtain within harmony. We are always told that we have to struggle to become successful and I dont believe in this anymore. Because with that thinking we allow ourselves to get abused by life and just endure these circumstances believing that this is what comes along with being successful. I no longer believe in this. I believe that one can obtain success while living in peace and harmony with life.

I can maintain my now and invest in my future, Strip your happiness to the bare minimum for the present and maintain it while you work towards your future. The goal in life is finding happiness for the present and maintaining it because the present becomes the future. If you choose not to, you put unnecessary pressure to become successful because of the conditions you have allowed yourself to go through..

Shake that way of thinking off and find harmony as you work towards success

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