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Friday, March 11, 2011


I introduce the "New Woman"

Society has only painted two type of women: House wife vs. Street Woman
This new woman isnt apart of the two traditional roles of either wholesome house wife or in the streets girl. This new woman challenges the traditions and believes in women independence and casual sex. She is the female version of a man. Some of these new age women still have a bit of old tradition but most dont. (Making another division). From the working career woman who is married and maintains a home with a husband to The working one who is single and experiencing life. Society hasn't painted this woman in our understanding yet which is why there is confusion and a bashing against them. Men are traditionally protectors and providers so now this new woman comes along and tells him she got it covered. He's displaced and becomes nothing more then a sex object, she actually ends up being the aggressor and he the passive one. Now he needs the emotional support and relationship. She doesn't and it's very common today. This new woman doesn't want to be tied down. She wants freedom and independence without judgement. She is only judged against the traditional labels already established which never saw the middle female, So need to box her. So a male like myself who is more traditional may not be compatible with the "new woman" and vice versa. I'd need the most traditional new woman. But this new female explorer will be criticized until she earns her place in peoples understanding of the "new woman". It's always been in the house or in the streets. This new woman is in the streets grinding and being exposed to new experiences, there is nothing wrong with this woman she is apart of the evolution of women transitioning from being a house wife to a career lady”

-I think at the same time a new male is evolving which will be compatible with this new woman but us traditional males will be in a serious conflict with them because we cant imagine a female becoming what we are, we are still apart of the old cloth. from sexual values to even physical features, piercing, tattoos she is an overall girl in power gone wild.. independent and tall, as common as the gay community is becoming notarized in society, this new woman and male will be as well. its all in transition as we speak.

Music and art are embracing blurring the lines and erasing the traditional ones which arent agreed with.. a new time is coming
Its very deep and interesting.. I hope you agree it a worthy outlook

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