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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Life Or The Love.. "The Red Shoes"

I was invited to a movie today at a small film theater. The movie we saw was called "The Red Shoe". I wont discuss what the movie was about but I will say that it led to a struggle or conflict between the personal ambitions and the emotional desires. I began to think that it is most impossible to have the love you desire as well as the life together. By the way things seem it is as if you can only have one because your quest for the other will rip you away from one. I can personally say my desire for music may have been the result of my last breakup. It saddens me to feel this way. Especially because i desire the love and the life. The thing that made me the most upset was seeing how selfish the male was about his love for the female. He put her in a situation where she had to choose. I would never do such. It bothered me so much. She was torn between her love for her talent and her love for him, one of which she wanted all her life and the other she felt into. I left the movie theater disturbed because i believe that you can only have one. Life comes with situations that make it impossible to have both. Emotions are another thing that make it difficult, because you can have the life but emotionally lust for the love or vice versa. I have no answers I just know I dont believe you can have them both, or at least you cannot work for them at the same time. I guess if you reach one you can go for the other but I can only answer that successfully when I am in that space....


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