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Monday, October 12, 2009

Artist who SUPPORT Artist: Two of the Greatest to ever do it

One of my earlier post I mentioned Drake and Kid Cudi being two of my most recent inspirations as I grind towards success. Well in this case I have to say at the root of my passion there is a raw and uncompromised feeling that is kept alive by my admiration for Biggie and Tupac. I mean lyrically what else can I say about biggie. Well before I thought I was talented I had been a fan. Coming from Brooklyn Its the three gunners Biggie Jayz and Fabolous.

When it comes to passion and message within music, hands down Tupac is the most influential artist to me. As an artist all we have is our expression, so if we let the world limit that then as artist we are limited. I love Pac because he didnt allow the world to limit his feelings. I mean I cant say he contradicted himself like others do. I understand that we live a world filled with good and bad and we have to recognize them both. To me Tupac represented the balance. I think the closest artist to do so since him representing a similar balance is TI. Coming from the bottom also want to have that hollywood appeal and hood influence.
I think once an artist starts to think about the business it limits their artistry. Business comes with rules. There is no rule in Art.


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