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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saved By The Bell..

What can I say about this classic tv show that you wouldnt. All I can think about is being a young head waking up on saturday and watched it at 11am on channel 4. I can also remember being a Teen making sure I watched that 3 o' clock line up that ended with Saved By The Bell at 5pm. From the beginning of Saved by the bell even to the college years this is one of those shows that hold a special place in my childhood. Imagine a young black kid from the hood wanted to be like Zack Morris. I was that black kid..


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Anonymous said...

Lisa Turtle, a beautiful African-American teen, loved good looking boys and expensive clothing, but she herself was not sure as to which one she preferred most. She was easily the wealthiest of all of her friends in Bayside High, but sometimes she did not feel as though she was reaping the rewards of her good fortune. It was Sunday afternoon, and all of her friends, although poorer than she, were at the beach soaking up some rays and drinking colas, while she was stuck in the hospital emptying foul smelling bedpans and handing out magazines.